Photographer of the Month: Evelyn Bencicova

If I should give advice to anyone, it would be: Create!

Weil wir hier im Hause SM ultragroße Streber sind, geht unser neuer Hintergrund diesmal sogar einen halben Tag zu früh online, aber dieses hübsche Bild verdient es auch, etwas länger sichtbar zu sein. Für den Monat August schmückt nun ein großartiges Werk von Evelyn Bencicova unsere Seite. Eine junge Fotografin, deren Talent unübersehbar ist. Sie kreiert künstlerische Welten, in denen die Menschen teilweise wie Marionetten wirken und erschafft atemberaubende Kulissen, die den Bildausdruck noch verstärken. Die teils düstere Farbwelt zieht sich wie ein türkis-blauer Faden durch ihre Arbeiten und sorgt für Fotos, die einfach anders sind und definitiv im Gedächtnis bleiben. Verliebt habe ich mich vor allem in die Serie "Close", in der die Models paarweise abgelichtet werden. Eine faszinierende Bildserie, die ich am liebsten zu Hause einrahmen und aufhängen würde.

Und weil wir ein bisschen mehr über die talentierte Dame erfahren wollten, haben wir sie zum kurzen Interview gebeten.





When did you start photographing and why?

I started to be more serious about photography two years ago. Before that, I used to work as a model, but I always felt that I’m more creator than character of the story, so I decided to try “the other side”.

What's your favorite motive?
I take the pictures of people, but they are not real. Usually they just represent something, someone else. But still, my photos are not about them. It is not about that, who is on the picture, but what is on the picture, what is happening.

What inspires you?

How would you describe your style of photographing?
It is hard to describe. I create staged pictures. I would say that it is something between art and commercial, aesthetical and conceptual, personal and public.





Tell us some words about this fascinating series of "twin" pictures.
It is called CLOSE and it is about different kinds of relationships, about the connection and the bond between people. Each couple as well as the detail of the hands represents everytime a different kind of relationship.

Which was the coolest/best/most inspiring shooting you ever had?
There are many memorable; the situations in which we found ourselves were often extreme and surreal, but for me it is already casual. To find out that the goat on the farm is eating the part of styling, or to secretly arrange the composition of 12 naked bodies during the class at high-school full of people is for me nothing unusual.

Do you prefer analog or digital photography?
Right now I work only with digital photography. It is easier for me to concentrate on the story and I don’t need to care that much about techniques.

Which was your very first camera?
I still work with my first professional camera. Canon 5D MarkII.





Is there anyone you would love to work with?
There are many people, but if I should choose one, it would be Andrzej Zulawski  and it is probably surprising but I would love to star in his movie and to see and experience how he works with his actors.

Who are your heroes?
I admire work of various artists and people, who inspire me, but I have no heroes in photography or daily life. I’m always trying to look at myself without comparing to others. My goal is to do some progress in my own work and to go higher and deeper everytime.

What are your plans for the future?
I want to go deeper into topics I’m interested in. Through my work I want to inform about things which are important, to make people notice and to make people care. I want to live and to create. I want to do it without any limitations, if possible. I hope I will never loose my passion or at least always find a new one. I wish for life full of intensity, whatever it will be.





What was your career aspiration during primary school?
I wanted to be an archeologist, politician, writer and philosopher. I was also doing a lot of creative things, but I never thought it could be my career. Even today I can hardly consider it “my work”, it is giving me too much pleasure.

If you could delete one task from your daily schedule, what would that be?

If you could give your 16-year old self any advice, what would that be?
If I should give advice to anyone, it would be: Create! Don’t stop until you enjoy it! Listen to people who are trying to discourage you, but don't believe them, because you are going to show them, they were wrong. Appreciate every advice, remember who supported you and if it's possible try to act the same way and help anyone, because they are going to remember it as well. Don’t wait too long for the right time, because it will never come. You can choose what is the right time and usually it is NOW.





Noch nicht genug gesehen? Verständlich. Auf ihrer Website und ihrem Tumblr gibt es noch zahlreiche weitere Werke, die es zu bestaunen gibt. Ein Besuch lohnt sich, versprochen. Wir sagen schon mal Danke für den neuen Hintergrund, liebe Evelyn!



    8 out of 10 cats say she's funny as hell.

    So Kinder, das hier ist Mika (aka Lilly Rocket). Das Fräulein ist irgendwas über zwanzig, halbe Finnin und als sie klein war, wollte sie später Seeräuber werden. Aus den Abenteuern auf hoher See wurde leider nichts und so gilt ihre Liebe heute essenziell wichtigen Dingen wie Mode und Mädchenkram, Reisen und trashigen Analogfotografien, Burgern und Eiscreme, Luftballons und Seifenblasen.